Do You Need Partial Dentures For Back Teeth?

Do You Need Partial Dentures For Back Teeth?

March 1, 2023

Partial dentures are an excellent solution if you miss multiple teeth in the posterior region of your mouth. In addition, partial dentures offer many benefits by providing superior comfort and improved oral health.

Partial dentures in the back of your mouth allow you to chew foods, nourish yourself, drink beverages, speak and smile without reservations to benefit from all these abilities at an affordable cost. However, many people considering tooth replacement solutions never feel their molars which they think are indestructible. Unfortunately, the molars withstanding the highest pressures of chewing, are more vulnerable to damage and decay besides impacts on the side of the mouth to fall off or require extraction. Therefore partial dentures for back teeth also become essential to restore mouth functionality and overall health.

This article focuses on answering common questions about getting partials for the molars and the health implications of replacing the lost teeth with partials or other options.

How Many Partial Dentures Are Required for Each Arch?

Regardless of how many teeth are missing, one partial denture is sufficient for each Arch. Therefore, as long as the patient is not missing all their teeth, they can comfortably manage with a single partial or an arch.

How Do Removable Partial Dentures or Back Teeth Work?

Generally, removable partials consist of natural-looking tooth replacements placed on a gum-colored base customized to fit your gums. Before customizing your dental appliance partials and dentures in Bay City, use elastic material like alginate to impression your mouth because the material hardens to outline your gums to create the base.

Unlike fixed replacement solutions like implants or bridges, removable partials require removal at night for cleaning and storage. The only downside of removable partials for the back teeth is the changes in your jaw, making frequent adjustments necessary for a proper fit.

Are Removable Partial Dentures or Back Teeth Stable?

The stability of partial dentures for the posterior teeth prevents undisputed because you can replace several teeth in the back of your mouth with a partial denture, confident that they will remain in place. Although you might hear claims that implant-supported partials are the most stable, they cannot beat the economic benefits of partial dentures. One cannot dispute the stability of implant-supported dentures because they are embedded in your jawbone, unlike dentures placed over the gums. However, if you spend hundreds for dentures will likely spend thousands for one implant-supported partial. In addition, you must endure the reality of living without your molars for several months after undergoing implant surgery and waiting for the titanium post to fuse with your jawbone before getting your artificial molars after recovery.

If you cannot get implant-supported partials and favor the affordable variety, the Bay City dentist provides customized partials for your back teeth regardless of whether you need one of several.

Removable Back Teeth Partial Denture Benefits

The American College of prosthodontists states that nearly 120 million Americans miss at least one tooth to prefer removable partials as a solution of choice. Patients missing posterior teeth can benefit from partial dentures, as mentioned below.

  • Comfortable Chewing and Speaking: after getting partial dentures, the prosthetics require a few days of adjustment for patients to get accustomed to the alien appliance. However, most patients start chewing and talking, usually with the back teeth having denture arches. The molars have a crucial role to perform by grinding food for proper digestion to absorb nutrients. Therefore partial dentures for back teeth offer an effective solution by helping perform these functions following the loss of one or more back teeth.
  • Enhanced Appearance: your molars remain hidden in your mouth and are not visible to many, making you think they cannot impact your appearance. Unfortunately, missing back teeth can result in jawbone resorption to give you a sagging appearance because of the atrophy of facial muscles. However, when you replace your missing molars with partial dentures, the prosthetics prevent its occurrence, helping you maintain the regular shape of your face.
  • Oral Health Promotion: partial dentures prevent movement of your adjacent teeth towards the edentulous gap of the missing molar. By helping you maintain the configuration of your teeth, usually, the partials reduce the risk of problems associated with the jawbone and gums developing later. In addition, the appliance also minimizes the risk of tooth decay and bone loss.

Your molars also have a crucial role in your life because they help you maintain excellent oral health remaining invisible on most occasions because of their location. However, if you lose them, it doesn’t mean you can ignore the missing teeth. You must ensure you have a full Arch of teeth to prevent the consequences of tooth loss. If you cannot get bridges or implants, do not consider partial dentures inferior. Instead, schedule a consultation with Dr. Teeth Dental Care — Bay City to discuss replacing your missing molars with partial dentures can benefit from all the above with an affordable replacement solution.

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