How Long Does It Take To Get Dental Implants?

How Long Does It Take To Get Dental Implants?

February 1, 2022

When you meet someone, their smile is usually the first thing you notice. That is why a missing tooth is hard to miss. Most people wouldn’t be confident knowing that their teeth are incomplete. Furthermore, a missing tooth can reduce the mouth’s functionality and make chewing or biting unbearable.

All these are reasons why dental implants are essential. From time to time, many people lose a tooth due to various reasons, and they opt for a dental implant. This article will tell you how long it takes to get dental implants and other things you should know about them. You can research a couple of dental clinics around you, but be sure to check if they offer dental implants. You can start with; dental implant near me or search according to your location. For instance, if you’re looking for implants in Bay City, you can search for dental implants in Bay City, TX.

How Long Does It Take To Get Dental Implants?

The time it takes to get a dental implant near you depends on several factors. Dentists are always available and eager to cater to dental demands; however, after a well-conducted examination, the appointment time will be based on the nature of the required procedure.

These are the major factors that determine how long an implant will take.

Preparation Time

As we said earlier, your examination results will determine if you can have a dental implant and how soon you can have it. During the examination, if the nature of the damage is critical and there are injuries, you will need to take time for the wounds to heal. When the wounds have healed, you can proceed with your implant only if there are no other challenges.

There might be a need for a realignment if the damage disrupted the jaw arrangement and alignment. Another thing that your dentist will consider is jaw strength.

Some patients may not receive any implant if their jaw is weak and their bones are softer. They will need to get a jaw reconstruction or bone grafting. These procedures will most likely take time to finish and heal before the tooth implant.

During a jaw bone implant, bone is grafted from some other part of the body and planted in the jaw. The bone may take time to heal and settle.

If you do not need to go through a jaw replacement, you can proceed with your implant as soon as the injury heals. It may take a few weeks or more for your injury to recover; this depends on the state of the injury.

The Titanium Implant Process.

The titanium implant process would usually take a while to heal. The procedure requires drilling a hole into the jaw to implant the titanium implant. That must occur after the injuries have healed, and any alignment of jaw needed or replacement has been made.

The titanium implant serves as the base for your false teeth. It is implanted deep into the jaw because it can bond with the bone, ensuring its durability. However, you need to wait for this bonding to happen. This waiting period usually takes about 4-5 months. You must wait till the hole has adequately healed before the implant. However, if you do not want any gaps in your teeth, you can have an artificial tooth chip fixed in the hole till you’re ready for an implant.

The Time It Takes To Add The Crown.

Once your metal has bonded with your bone, you can proceed to have the crown fixed. This is the final process, and it involves the dentist finding the crown that fits you and fixing it on.

In conclusion, the entire procedure to get dental implants in Bay City, TX, may take about 6-7 months. Note that the process could sometimes take a year, and it depends on the time it takes for you to heal through every procedure.

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