How Long Does Smile Makeover Last?

How Long Does Smile Makeover Last?

November 1, 2022

Do you think you must improve your aesthetic appearance because your teeth look ungainly? If so, you can conveniently visit your dentist requesting a smile makeover near me to enhance the looks of your teeth and your smile.

When considering cosmetic dentistry procedures like smile makeovers, you might wonder how long the treatment lasts. Smile makeovers are not one cosmetic procedure but a combination of remedies provided by dentists to enhance your appearance in one or multiple visits to their office.

When considering cosmetic smile makeovers, it helps to realize and avoid disappointments later by collecting information about treatments beforehand to know precisely how long the smile makeover remains with you or how soon you may need retreatment of the procedure you received. Therefore before requesting any treatment from the dentist nearby, you must discuss your needs and ensure that the professional works with you to give you a smile makeover that makes you proud.

How Is a Smile Makeover Done?

Smile makeovers are not generic treatments that are offered by dentists soon as you approach them with a request. Instead, the dentist in Bay City, TX, examines your teeth and mouth to determine which treatment best suits your needs. The dentist will discuss your smile goals, budget, and dental flaws concerning you before offering a therapy that helps make your teeth appear aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, you must be open with your needs without hesitating to inform the dentist what you think is affecting your smile or appearance. It would help if you remained open to suggestions from the dentist because they try to give you the optimal smile makeover treatment that will leave you happy.

What Is Included in a Smile Makeover?

Many therapies are included in smile makeovers, and the dentist determines which treatment best suits your needs after evaluating your teeth. For example, if you have discolored teeth, you don’t need extensive treatments requiring multiple appointments but can get your teeth whitened in a short appointment with the dentist lasting merely 90 minutes.

If having minor chips and cracks on your teeth that you think impact your smile, the dentist can offer you another short and convenient treatment completed in one visit to the dental office to get your teeth bonded with a composite resin that helps hide the chips and cracks while improving the color of your teeth by matching the composite resin with your remaining teeth.

If severely damaged teeth impact your appearance, dentists recommend dental crowns to hide the teeth from view by encasing them entirely using porcelain fused to metal or porcelain crowns by reshaping the damaged tooth and getting the restoration customized from a dental laboratory. However, the treatment requires two visits to smile makeovers in Bay City, TX, before you can fix the damaged tooth to restore aesthetics and regain the functionality of the tooth.

Nothing can impact your smile and appearance better than missing teeth due to injuries or infections. Fortunately, the Bay City dentist has a solution to improve your appearance by giving you artificial teeth with dentures or partials and dental bridges resembling your natural teeth. The restorations help cover the edentulous gaps in the mouth while restoring functionality and appearance, with therapy also requiring multiple visits to the dental professional. Therefore if you consider a smile makeover to improve aesthetic flaws with your teeth, the Bay City dentist has a solution for any dental imperfections affecting you.

How Long Do Smile Makeovers Last?

Smile makeovers for discolored, damaged, chipped, broken, or missing teeth have a stipulated lifespan. Smile makeovers are not permanent and merely intend to improve your appearance, temporarily remaining with you from six months to over a decade. For example, a procedure like teeth whitening can last six months to three years with proper dental hygiene.

Similarly, composite bonding of minor teeth damage remains with you for five to seven years. Tooth restorations for damaged teeth with crowns or missing teeth replacements with dental bridges have a lifespan between five to 15 years but require you to maintain appropriate dental hygiene practices by brushing twice daily, flossing once, and getting half yearly oral prophylaxis from the dentist without exceptions.

Smile makeovers might require 90 minutes to 3 years when receiving the treatment, depending on the damage to your teeth. Similarly, the therapies have a lifespan and will require replacements eventually when they wear out, or you think you need further improvements.

Dr. Teeth Dental Care — Bay City, provides different smile makeover treatments to enhance the aesthetic looks of your teeth and smile in one of multiple appointments. If you think your smile needs help because it is aesthetically unpleasing, you can visit this dentist to determine which smile makeover treatment best suits your needs.

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