Sealants in Bay City, TX

Sealants in Bay City, TX

Are you interested in dental sealants? Maybe your dentist offered them to you, or you are looking for additional ways to protect your teeth.

Dental sealants are a preventative type of dental care. Our dentist in Bay City, TX would be happy to help you learn more about protecting your teeth from cavities, tooth decay, and other damage. Sealants work by protecting the enamel on your teeth.

Sealants last up to 10 years. Keep in mind that they may last for more or less time depending on a number of factors. Your results may not be typical.

How Are Sealants Applied?

At Dr. Teeth Dental Care, Dr. Gade will paint the thin, plastic coating onto your molars. This is the sealant material.

The sealant material is applied to the chewing surfaces of your teeth. This is the top of your bottom molars and the bottom of your top molars. Those are the parts of your molars that chew food. That is why they need protection against cavities.

At your appointment to get sealants, your teeth are cleaned and dried. It’s important to keep your teeth dry while you’re getting sealants, so the dentist will place cotton around your teeth.

Next, our dentist will apply an acid solution to your teeth. This will help the sealants bond to the teeth. The teeth are then rinsed and dried again.

Finally, our dentist can paint the sealant onto your teeth. A curing light is sometimes used to help the material dry more quickly.

This is a quick and simple process. If you have questions, be sure to ask our dentist near you.

Should Kids Get Sealants?

Sealants are preventive and are optional. Your dentist might recommend sealants to keep your teeth healthy.

In many cases, sealants are recommended to children. Children’s molars and premolars are more likely to have tooth decay.

This doesn’t mean that adults can’t benefit from sealants. Sealants are a great way to prevent tooth decay, no matter how old you are.

To find sealants near you, call Dr. Gade at Dr. Teeth Dental Care. Our dentist near you can help you schedule an appointment.

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