Extractions in Bay City, TX

Extractions in Bay City, TX

When you go to the dentist with a damaged or infected tooth, our dentist will try to save the tooth. The problem is that not all teeth can be saved. The tooth may be too far damaged, and it may need to be extracted.

Extractions are needed for a variety of reasons and a wide variety of people need extractions too. Dr. Gade at Dr. Teeth Dental Care can help with extractions in Bay City, TX.

When is an Extraction Necessary?

A dentist will only perform an extraction if it is necessary. In many cases, a dentist can treat an infected or damaged tooth.

An extraction may be needed for crowding. Sometimes, teeth grow too close to each other. Alignment issues are common with crowding. Extractions are sometimes needed if someone is getting braces or if their wisdom teeth are leading to dental issues.

Another problem is dental abscesses. This occurs when the tooth root and tissue become infected. A root canal can fix this, but an extraction may be used in certain situations.

If you’re experiencing tooth decay or have a damaged tooth, you may need an extraction. In most cases, this can be resolved with a filling, but if it progresses, an extraction is needed.

When you go to the dentist, our dentist will examine the tooth or teeth. Then, you may need an extraction or another type of treatment.

How Does a Tooth Extraction Work?

The first step of a tooth extraction is local anesthetic. This will keep you comfortable throughout the procedure.

Then, the gum and tissue are removed. The tooth may be removed in one piece or in several smaller pieces. This can occur if your tooth is hard to remove. Sometimes, teeth are impacted too.

Following the procedure, our dentist at Dr. Teeth Dental Care will tell you how to care for the site during recovery. This is a regular procedure and many people have successful recoveries. If you experience any unusual symptoms, contact Dr. Gade as soon as possible.

To learn more about extractions, call our dentist in Bay City, TX for information about extractions near you.

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