What Services Does An Orthodontist Offer?

What Services Does An Orthodontist Offer?

July 4, 2022

You must have heard your dentist mentioning an orthodontist whenever you check the type of dental services. An orthodontist is a dentist eith skills in treating orthodontic dental problems. Orthodontics is any part of dentistry that deals with diagnosing, positioning, or correcting your misaligned or mispositioned teeth.

To simplify this, when you require dental braces, you have to go to your orthodontist rather than your regular dentist.

What are the different dental services that an orthodontist provides? Orthodontists play a great role in the world of dentistry as they play an essential task in fixing your teeth and jaw issues. But these professionals are a0ong the few specialists that people never want to contact or see them.

Visiting a dentist or an orthodontist might be scarier for most of us, but this shul not be the case. It gets scarier when you have a problem that requires surgery or any other restorative procedure. An orthodontist is the first dental professional that you should take your child to visit when they get seven-year-old. This is to check for any dental problems that may lead to more problems.

If you have not yet visited an orthodontist or want to know more about their services. Then read along to understand the different types of services that orthodontists offer.

  1. Installation of Braces

One of the main services done by an orthodontist is the installation of dental braces. They can also perform tests and take assessments that help them determine if you need dental braces or not. Your orthodontist at Bay City will recommend dental braces if you have allignemnt issues or gums issues.

Braces consist of brackets and metal wirings fixed smoothly on your teeth and jaws. This is 0ne of the best treatment for teeth that overlap. A lot of children may have dental braces installed during their school years.

With the advancement of dentistry, different braces have been introduced, including the Invisalign, ceramic braces, and lingual braces. The installation method fr these types differs slightly, and your orthodontist carefully carries it out.

  1. Malocclusions

A malocclusion is a jaw dysfunction that occurs when your jaws are aligned improperly. This issue can result from many issues, and you should visit an orthodontist as soon as possible as they will be able to provide the best treatment for the issue.

Malocclusions can appear in different forms. For example, your lower jaw may tend to be bigger than your other jaw. This is known as an underbite. In other cases, our upper jaw may appear bigger than our lower jaw. This is known as an overbite. An orthodontist will help realign your jaw with the right and effective treatment depending on the condition’s intensity.

  1. Jaw Surgery

An orthodontist can also perform surgery to fix jaw issues and severe teeth misalignment that help reduces other deformities in your jaw if they are. This type of surgery may include breaking your jawbone and the screws, plates, and titanium to enable healing. The surgery is always carried out while you are under anesthesia.

There are other surgeries that your orthodontist can conduct to treat jaw misalignment and other issues. If some of these issues are severe, the surgeries may require a dentist’s assistant as well.

  1. Post-treatment services(Retainers)

Once you have received the basic orthodontic treatment, the orthodontist will carry out another treatment which includes retainers installation. Retainers are dental appliances that help increase the speed of your treatment and prevent any further problems. The retainers can be removable or fixed.

The removable retainers include clear plastic and are not visible as you may think. They help to position all your teeth. The best thing about the removable retainers is that you do not need to wear them, especially when you are outside. However, you have to wear them for a certain period to make the treatment effective. The time frame depends on your condition and how much you may need it to seek immediate healing.

Fixed retainers also serve the same purpose, the only difference is that you have to keep them In your mouth for a certain period as prescribed by your orthodontist. Then, the orthodontist will fix the retainers using simple wires and a dental adhesive towards the area of your tongue.

If you are looking for an orthodontist near you to provide you with one of the above services, you can visit Dr. Teeth Dental Care – Bay City.

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